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Wonderful ingredients, delicacy, drink from Miyazaki



We are pleased to introduce foods which were loved by many foreign Martial-artist who visited Miyazaki in recent years. Those items are already presented at oversea's event or demonstrations of Martial arts. A large number of products' fun made those products available in Europe or Asian countries.

Yuzu citron Products


ゆず胡椒 ゆずジュース ゆずポン酢


Kagura-no-sato is providing mainly Yuzu citron products from Shiromi area in Saito borough, Miyazaki prefecture, where the natural environment left for rich fruit grow. 

Plum products


最高級品梅干し 懐かしの梅ジュース



Kou-bai-en's main products are non-preservatives added 'pickled Ume plum'. The Ingredient Ume plum is produced from well-maintained ideal farm environment at Miyakonojou, Miyazaki.  Please visit the farm and touch and feel the soil. It will be totally new experience.

Rice Vinegar,
Fruit Vinegar Drink

酢(大山食品)Oyama foods




Aya-cho had been appointed as Miyazaki ecological park. Many vinegar products are carefully producing in the region in a traditional way by Oyama foods. The company also provides a product which helps to make delicious Sushi easily.

Rice & Vegitable Products

米(福冨農産)Fukutomi Nousan

合鴨米 米粉パン 絶品野菜ジュース


Fukutomi Nousan provides the rich flavour of organic vegetable from Aya-cho in Miyazaki.  

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