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Sightseeing spots for Japanese Myth in Miyazaki

Here are a few sample spots and find out more in Miyazaki.


When Sun Goddess hid in the cave, the other Gods and Goddess had a memorable feast. AMATERASU was so angry that she hid in the cave. Without the Sun Goddess, the world became dark. The other gods and goddess had a merry feast with dance and music in front of the cave to lure Amaterasu out. Loud laughter caused by Amenouzume’s comical dance made Amaterasu so curious that she opened the rock door a little to peep outside, Thus, sunlight was finally restored to the world. This is one of the most popular Myths and is still performed as Yokagura or Night Shinto Dance in Takachiho.


Ninigi-no-Mikoto, the grandson of Amaterasu (the Great Sun Goddess), was sent to Takachiho-no-Mine from heaven to rule the earth and married with Onohanasakuya-Hime (Tree Blossom-Blooming Princess). They were blessed with sons, Hoderi-no-Mikoto (Umisachi) and Hoori-no-Mikoto (Yamasachi). While Konohana’s father offered both Konohana and her elder sister Iwanaga-Hime (Rock-eternal- Princess) to Ninigi and he said “Your family will prosper as the bloom of plant with Konohana and if you marry with Iwanaga, the future of your descendant can be stable as a rock.” But Ninigi sent Iwanaga back to her father because she was unattractive. Since then Ninigi’s descendant's life becomes fragile as same as a plant.

Udo Shrine

The mythical story of Ninigi and Konohanasakuya was concluded at Udo Shrine. Japanese Mythological age comes to the end after the birth of Jinmu, the first Japanese emperor and the descendant of the gods of heaven, land and sea. Yamasachi returned to the dry land from the sea after he had founded a fishing hook. One day his wife Toyotama (daughter of the sea god) visited him and said, ”I am about to deliver your child, but please do not peek while I am giving birth.” However he yielded to his curiosity and looked inside then surprised, his wife turned into a giant shark, Toyotama was so humiliated that she left to the sea leaving a newborn son behind. The baby named Ukayafuki-aezu survived by sipping dropping water from a cave at Udo and later married with Tamayori-Hime and had four sons. The youngest son Kamuyamato-Iwarehiko took the throne and became the first emperor Jinmu. There is the legendary “Milk Rock” in the cave of Udo Shrine.

Misogi-ike    lustrate pond

The god Izanami lustrated 'misogi' after fleeing from the land of the dead. When the goddess Izanami gave birth to the baby, the god of fire, she was fatally burnt and died. Her husband Izanagi followed her to the land of death and found that his loving wife had changed horribly. As he felt defiled by evil spirits, he performed the purification rite after fleeing from the land of the dead. The three famous gods in myths (described in "Kojiki or A Record of ancient Matters"), the sun Goddess Amaterasu Susanoh and Tsukuyomi were born during the purification process.

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